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Occidental is, our biggest client, an auto insurance company in Scottsdale, Arizona. lampware, inc. has done the following projects for Occidental:
  • Wrote and maintain an import/export interface to the web server.
  • Wrote the whole intranet site with many major functional areas.
  • Converted the book of business into a MySQL database, from Informix C-ISAM, and wrote a nice web page interface for data retreival/analysis.
  • Wrote an imaging system for storing/retreiving insured statements.
  • Installed/upgraded many of the servers.
  • Coded and still code in C many of the enhancements, etc. on the main application server.
  • Installed/configured Adobe Central Server Pro 5.5 for insured statements.
  • Ported the main application from RedHat 7.0 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

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